Philips Series 5000 EP5360/10 Coffee Maker Review

Within the wide range of Philips coffee machines, the Philips Series 5000 EP5360 / 10 model is presented as one of the most complete and functional of the 5000 line and is placed in the upper echelon of the firm’s super-automatic machines.

This 5000 Series machine boasts features that place it above the average for automatic coffee machines in this price range.

However, the competition is strong and you may find yourself at that key moment in deciding whether or not your purchase is worth it.

Key features of the Philips 5000 Series EP5360 / 10 coffee maker

  • It integrates a grinder with a ceramic grinding wheel system that is more resistant and durable than steel ones.
  • You can be prepared drinks with milk foam so 100% automatic.
  • The coffee tank has an airtight lid to preserve fresh beans for longer.
  • Possibility of customizing the quantity, intensity and temperature of each drink.
  • It has a memory function, so you can save your favorite coffee settings.
  • Fully removable coffee group for easy cleaning.
  • Its maintenance is very easy thanks to the automatic cleaning and descaling programs.
  • All the tanks, water, coffee and grounds, have good capacity.
  • You can use both coffee beans and ground coffee as it includes two independent compartments.
  • Its LCD control screen makes it easy to control the machine.

Strengths of the Philips 5000 Series EP5360 / 10

Conical grinding wheel with airtight lid

Ceramic material wheels are much stronger and more durable than steel ones. In addition, this material prevents the grain from overheating and acquiring a burnt flavor.

The coffee container has a capacity of 250 grams and has 5 grind settings. In addition, it has an airtight lid to preserve fresh beans for longer. In turn, it helps reduce the noise level that occurs when grinding.

Fully removable coffee group

One of the great qualities of this machine is its ease of cleaning. This is mainly due to the fact that it has automatic rinsing and descaling programs and that the infuser group is completely removable for optimal hygiene.

Not all coffee machines are designed to be able to extract the coffee group, so it is an addition that greatly favors its maintenance. Moreover, it includes a specific function to rinse the milk tank and its pipes, comfortably, after each use.

Removable milk tank

It includes a milk jug with a capacity of 500 ml with which you can prepare drinks with milk foam completely automatically. You can crown each of your coffees with a delicious and soft layer of foam.

Also, although the container is integrated into the body of the coffee maker, it has the advantage that you can remove it and put it in whenever you want. This is very useful since, if there is still milk left, you can store it directly in the fridge.

Multiple customization options and user profile

It offers a large number of individual settings to customize the coffee to your liking. You can adjust the quantity, the temperature in three levels and up to five levels of intensity. You just have to explore and experiment a little.

Moreover, once you have found the perfect combination, you can save these settings thanks to the user profile function that it includes. With this memory function, the machine will know how you prefer your coffee.

Water tank with AquaClean filter option

Another of the virtues of this machine is that it has a large capacity water tank, 1.8 liters. Its volume is more than enough to avoid having to continually refill it.

Moreover, it is compatible with AquaClean water filters. The advantage of using them is that it improves the quality of the coffee (if you use tap water) and, it delays the appearance of limescale. You will not have to perform a descaling process until you reach 5,000 cups.

LCD screen and different coffee specialties

With just one touch of the button, you can activate, in a fully automatic and intuitive way, different coffee specialties such as espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, American or milk foam.
Moreover, thanks to its LCD screen you will be able to navigate through the different options presented in the menu as adults, it will inform you at all times of each step of the process that you must carry out. Little by little you will explore and find your favorite options.

Conclusion, is the Philips 5000 Series EP5360 / 10 coffee maker worth buying?

As I have told you before, it is worth your purchase only if you are one of those who like to enjoy a wide catalog of drinks with foamed milk, since that is where its main virtue lies. In addition, it is also important to value the high quality that it uses in its grinder and the fact that the preparation group is removable to wash it.

It is true that its price is somewhat high, but thinks that you are facing a premium coffee maker that does not lack anything. Also, don’t forget that you are backed by one of the world’s leading technology companies, Philips.

In my opinion, it meets all the requirements that can be asked of a high-end super-automatic coffee maker. So, if the price is not an important factor for you and your favorite drinks are lattes and cappuccinos, then I do recommend its purchase.

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