Delonghi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B Review

In espresso machine sector, Delonghi coffee machines attract the most demanding consumers looking for that touch of Italian construction that characterizes them.

If we go into its extensive catalog, it is easy to identify the flagship of the brand, I am telling you about the best-selling Delonghi Magnifica S Ecam 21.110.B.

The Delonghi Magnifica stands out as one of the cheapest and most complete super-automatic coffee machines on the market. Without a doubt, its great value for money, its compact design and its many customization options have earned it this recognition.

If you are considering your purchase, I invite you to continue reading so that you discover for yourself all its secrets, and whether or not it is worth making a space for it in your shopping cart.

Key features of the Delonghi Magnifica

  • For less than $300 it is the best super-automatic coffee maker you can buy.
  • It is very compact; it includes great features in a very small space.
  • Versatility in the type of coffee format it supports ground or beans.
  • Many customization options, especially the ability to adjust the exact amount of coffee per cup.
  • The automatic cleaning and descaling programs, together with the removable coffee group, will extend its useful life.
  • It integrates a conical grinding mill with up to 13 grinding thicknesses, too many for a coffee maker of this price.
  • Generous tank capacity, 1.8 liters for the water tank and 250 grams for the grain tank.
  • Equip a traditional milk frother with whom you can make drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes.

Pros $ Cons of Delonghi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B

  • It’s cheap, less than $ 300.
  • The best super-automatic coffee maker value for money.
  • It admits coffee beans and ground.
  • Compact in size.
  • It has many grinding settings.
  • Removable coffee group.
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling programs.
  • The ability to customize the exact amount of coffee.
  • The cup warming tray should do its job.
  • Finer grind levels sometimes don’t work properly.

Strengths of the Delonghi Magnifica S Ecam 22.110.B

Compact and robust

One of its most notable qualities is that it has a very compact design. The company has managed to include great features in a small machine. Regarding the manufacturing materials, despite the predominance of plastics in its casing, it gives the feeling of being a robust and durable coffee maker.

Multiple grind settings

Its stainless steel conical grinding wheel can be adjusted up to 13 grinding thicknesses, a very rare feature in coffee machines in this price range. For a strong flavor use 1 to 5, on the contrary, with levels 6 to 13, you will get a softer coffee. Some consumers report that with the two finer settings they lock up and do not work properly.

Very customizable drinks

It offers a wide range of customization options: the amount of coffee per cup (short or long espresso), intensity (more or less strong) and the degree of grinding (fine or coarse). Undoubtedly, the star function of this coffee machine is the possibility of being able to precisely calibrate the number of milliliters of coffee per cup for espresso.

Steam nozzle and adjustable jet

It integrates a vaporizer tube that combines steam, milk and air, to produce a creamy foam ideal for lovers of cappuccino or latte macchiato, among other drinks. The height of the spout is adjustable so that you can adjust it to the cup size you want. It is very useful since you can use containers from 9 to 13 cm in height.

Generous capacity of your deposits

Its compact structure does not neglect the capacity of its tanks. In this way, its container for coffee beans can store a total of 250 grams, the water tank is capable of storing up to 1.8 liters, and its deposit for grounds has room for about 14 services.

Easy cleaning and removable coffee group

It has automatic cleaning and descaling programs that make machine maintenance much easier. Moreover, it has the great advantage of being able to easily remove the brew group for greater hygiene. Likewise, it offers you the possibility of incorporating a water filter in the tank. In this way, you will reduce the hardness level of the water and therefore less lime residue will be produced, that is, descaling will have to be carried out more and more time.

Conclusion: is the Delonghi Magnifica S Ecam 22.110.B worth buying?

Telling you that the Delonghi Magnifica S is the best Delonghi brand super-automatic coffee maker would be easy. Instead, I have given you objective data to decide for yourself. For being one of the cheapest super-automatic coffee makers it does very well in almost any kitchen and is probably one of the best candidates this year.

For all this, it is one of the best purchase options if what you are looking for is a machine that does everything for you with excellent value for money.

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