Find The Best Coffee Makers According To Your Needs

After water, coffee is the most consumed drink in the world. At home, restaurant or at the workplace we always reserve a little time to enjoy our little cup of coffee. This pronounced taste for this drink has made the coffee maker or coffee machine an accessory that is more than useful at home or even essential in business. There are a lot of coffee makers available on the market today, making it difficult for customers to choose.

Therefore, we have selected several types of coffee makers from the market. In order to make the choice easier for you, we provide endless comparisons, analysis, buying guides & reviews that are in our power so that you can make the best decision.

After all, buying a coffee maker can become a great investment or a waste of money if you do not choose well.

Reviews of the best coffee makers of 2021

Below are reviews of the most outstanding coffee maker models of this year. Either of these have excellent consumer ratings.

What should you know before buying a coffee maker?

The price range of this type of coffee maker is very varied and there are many factors that can make a difference. For example, the manufacturing materials, the incorporation or not of the grinder, its functions, the capacity of the tanks, the brand and the rest of its characteristics. Below we explain you the main features that you should look at.

Extraction method

As we have already explained, the final result of the drink will largely depend on the extraction system used by each coffee maker. Each method has some peculiarities that you must take into account.

Thus, depending on each type of machine, we can obtain more or less intense coffees, body, lesser concentration of coffee, creaminess & other variables.

Pressure bars

Some coffee machines work to an internal system that is responsible for increasing the water pressure to extract the coffee. The number of bars indicated to obtain a good espresso is 9 bars. My recommendation is that, as a minimum, you choose a machine that works with 15 bars.

Cleaning system

Some coffee machines, specifically the automatic ones, have a self-cleaning system which will carry out the entire process for you. On the contrary, if the machine does not have a self-cleaning system you must make sure that all its components are easy to remove.


Italian, Neapolitan, French press or even drip coffee makers are the most basic in terms of technique, therefore they are also the cheapest.

One step above us finds capsule coffee machines or manual express ones. Finally, the most expensive are the super-automatic coffee machines due to their innovative technology.

Milk frother

To prepare a latte or cappuccino, you will need a frother to froth the milk. Most of the espresso machines come with a vaporizer, which will allow you not only to achieve that desired foam in the milk but also to heat your drinks.

Integrated grinder

You should know that to enjoy a good cup of coffee, the ideal is that you grind the bean instantly. If you are one of those who use coffee beans, there are coffee machines that have an integrated refillable grinder, the machine will take care of grinding the right amount of beans just before processing.